In the Category of Questions Not Answered: The Things Apple Didn’t Announce at Their Spring Loaded Event

And how I feel about them.

Joshua Beck


Right now, I’m in a bit of a mixed place; I’ve switched back to the Pixel 4a from my iPhone 12 mini (I’ll be writing about that soon), I’ve been using my Pixelbook Go more frequently than my MacBook Air, and I’m no longer wearing my Apple Watch.

It isn’t that I’ve fallen out of love for Apple products- in fact, I’d say my love for Apple’s devices has never been stronger- it’s more that I’ve begun really thinking about which of their devices I want to use on a daily basis, and which ones I can live without.

Even still, I watched Apple’s “Spring Loaded” event with eager anticipation. Now, I wasn’t exactly looking for anything in particular; I’ve already settled down with the iPad mini 5 (you can read here why it is still my favorite iPad), I already have an M1 MacBook, and unless they were going to announce a foldable iPhone, I really wasn’t interested in switching phones again.

And while the new iMacs are gorgeous (I don’t need a desktop computer… I don’t need a desktop computer… I don’t need… do I need a desktop computer?), and the M1 iPad Pro is intriguing (I’m more curious how iPadOS will be updated to support this newfound power), there were a few things that I had expected to hear from Apple that didn’t end up making an appearance.

I’m basing this article solely on devices that I had seen rumored for yesterday’s event. I’m not considering how likely or how farfetched those rumors might have been, or how reputable their sources were. I’m simply looking at things I was expecting/hoping to see yesterday that didn’t end up appearing. So let’s talk a bit about that.

AirPods 3

I love my AirPods. Despite there being several pairs of headphones laying around my house- most of which are better than the AirPods in one way or another- it is the AirPods that I tend to gravitate towards the most.

I wasn’t exactly dying for an update to the AirPods; I mean, yeah, I would probably have bought whatever version of AirPods 3 or AirPods Pro 2 that came out, but it’s not like my current ones are a piece of crap that need replacing. They are…