You’ve Got a Friend in Me: A Toy Story 4 Review

The toys are back in town.

Loose Thoughts:

Sometimes I don’t get to everything I thought about the movie in the written review. So here are some loose thoughts I had that didn’t really work themselves into what I said above.

  • One of the things that initially caught me as strange was Buzz, who didn’t seem to be quite as bright as he was in previous movies. That said, I remembered they had to reset him several times in Toy Story 3, so perhaps something was lost in translation.
  • Another thing that really made it feel uniquely Woody’s story was that the other toys- with the exception of Buzz, weren’t really major characters this time around. They were all still present, and still voiced by the same actors (Mr. Potato Head’s voice was using archive recordings, as his voice actor, Don Rickles, passed away a couple years ago), but their parts were much more reduced than they had been in previous installments. While fans might miss these other characters being front and center, it really isolated Woody and makes his swan song feel like it was his story.
  • New characters like Forky and Ducky and Bunny were hilarious and great additions to the series. And like I said, Gabby and her goons were creepy, but ultimately redeemable, which made for a nice change compared to the other villains of the franchise. But probably the best “new” character was Bo Peep. Sure, she’s not actually new, but she’s able to be explored in this movie more than she ever was in the other movies, and makes us wish she’d had more of a role in earlier installments.
  • Woody may be without a kid anymore- and Bonnie’s going to be alright without him- but his new mission to travel with the fair and help Bo, Ducky, and Bunny make sure all the other prize toys get to go home with children seems like an honorable life for Woody to live. After all, he was dedicated to making his kids happy, and now, he can work to make so many children happy. And more importantly, he can be happy too.

What’s Next?

For Pixar, the fantasy adventure Onward is the next movie on the roster, followed by Soul, a movie we don’t know much about other than the tagline, “What is it that makes you… YOU?” Pixar has also booked three other release dates going as far as 2022, but we don’t know what those movies are called just yet.

Some of my old toys… including Woody.

I am just clever enough to get myself in trouble…

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