TV Shows I Will Rewatch Forever

I could live in these shows.

Joshua Beck


I’ve heard that we rewatch tv shows to cure anxiety. And you know what? I totally believe it; during the last two years alone, I’ve rewatched at least six complete series, and a large portion of several other shows (and that’s not even including the many, many movies I’ve revisited). And we know how much anxiety 2020 and 2021 have brought to us all.

But there are a few shows that I will always rewatch; it won’t matter if I just watched it a few weeks ago, or even if I just finished the last episode- I’ll always rewatch them, just like I’ll always rewatch the Harry Potter movies.

The shows on this list are definitely ones I find comfort in, and all of them are considered favorites. When I revisit them, it won’t matter if I start at the beginning or if I just catch a random episode on television, but almost every single time, if I watch one episode, before I know it I’m three seasons in.

Downton Abbey

Image Credit: PBS

Let’s start with British television. I watch a lot of British tv- from Doctor Who to Monty Python to Taskmaster- but nothing has ever hooked me like Downton Abbey. And that, in and of itself, was a surprise to me.

I didn’t catch this show at all while it aired; in fact, I had ignored it, believing that it couldn’t possibly be something I’d be interested in at all. Boy, was I wrong. While on the surface it may seem like a soap opera-ish drama, it is actually a fascinating period piece, exploring the life of the British upper class- and those they employ- as they navigate through the changes of the early 20th century. From war to modernization, Downton Abbey showcases a family struggling with the changing times, tragedy, and scandal.

But that’s not why I go back to it over and over again. It is simply because of the characters- and the brilliant actors playing them- that I keep returning. Like Hogwarts in the movies, Downton itself feels like a welcoming place, somewhere to go to escape the trials of life. And as much drama as the show has, it has excellently well-timed comedy, too. Let’s just say, Dame Maggie Smith steals every scene she’s in.

When I first watched it, I finished it just in time to go see the movie in theaters; as I’m writing…