Supernatural: Where Do We Go From Here?

Love me some pie.
Sam is good (?) at story-telling.
  • First and foremost, it returns Sam and Dean to where they were for the majority of the first five seasons: alone with only each other to help them. This finale not only killed off most of their allies (and all the superpowered ones at that), but it trapped their mother in the alternate dimension with Lucifer (and other Bobby). Sam and Dean are alone. I mean really alone. When we meet them next season, they will have to deal with Jack (Lucifer’s newborn, omnipotent son), finding a way to get their mother back (while keeping Lucifer trapped), and the probable retaliation of the British Men of Letters.
  • Second, and this is more important to the overall structure of the show, Sam and Dean are the only two characters that are guaranteed. Ever since the beginning of the series, anyone who helps the boys ends up meeting their demise sooner or later. Bobby, Rufus, Bella, Ash, Ellen, Jo, John, Henry, Charlie, Kevin. Just to name the few that come immediately to mind. Sam and Dean have a bad habit of losing people close to them. So I knew Castiel was doomed, one way or another. Same for Crowley, same for Rowena. Same, even, for Jody Mills, who managed to survive this finale, but I expect to see her die one of these days (unless we finally get that Wayward Daughters spinoff everyone wants). It has been a while since we’ve lost anyone major, and that has actually been a problem that I’ve had with the show, and one that, from my perspective, we finally fixed with this finale. This was also the first finale in a while that truly felt like Sam and Dean were left with no hope, which is how some of the best season finales have ended. Remember, Sam and Dean might save the world, but they don’t often win. This finale was true to that.
In the arms of an angel…
Helloooooooo! Trickster!!!
Baby Jack’s all grown up.
Touched by an Angel. Pictured, left to right, my uncle Rick (the one who introduced me to the show), some guy named Misha, and myself.



I am just clever enough to get into trouble…

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