Russell T. Davies is Returning to Doctor Who; It’s About Time.

Joshua Beck
4 min readSep 30, 2021
Image Credit: BBC

It’s been no secret of mine- I’m not a big fan of the last two series of Doctor Who.

Now, that’s not to say anything against Jodie Whittaker’s take on the Doctor; in fact, I’ve loved her iteration and she’s totally proven herself to be worthy of the title.

It’s just… the writing for her first two series has been abysmal. I’m a fan of Chris Chibnall’s Broadchurch- it was one of the best shows I’ve ever watched- but the man clearly doesn’t know how to run a show like Doctor Who. It’s felt like an entirely different show over the last two series, ignoring established canon and characters (the inclusion of John Barrowman in series 12 does not excuse the complete lack of any recognizable Who friends or foes in series 11), spending way too much time on Earth instead of in all of time and space, all while juggling too many companions to give enough time to any one of them and providing a level of storytelling that even the brilliant acting of Jodie Whittaker struggles to save.

I don’t mean to be harsh… ok, maybe I do. Because for years now, Doctor Who has been one of my absolute favorite shows and under Chibnall’s reign, it has lost its magic. At this point, I’m only still watching because I know that it still has the potential to get better.

And that potential might just be within reach, because holy shit, Russell T. Davies is coming back.

My love for Doctor Who began when I caught a marathon of Christopher Eccleston’s lone series on the Sci-Fi channel. I was instantly hooked, and as I’m sure I’ve said before on Medium, I was adamant that I wasn’t going to watch the next season since Eccleston wasn’t returning. But of course, David Tennant was the man who followed up the 9th Doctor, and we all know how popular he was. Tennant instantly became my favorite Doctor, and likewise, I was heartbroken when he- and Russell T. Davies- left the show.

My love for the show didn’t end there; in fact, I found Steven Moffat’s tenure as showrunner to be my favorite time in the T.A.R.D.I.S., with Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi both becoming my absolute favorite incarnations of the Doctor (it’s really hard for me to pick between the two, as it changes day by day). Series 5–10 (excluding 8, which was almost as hit and…