My Top Movies of 2022 (So Far)

Joshua Beck
14 min readJul 11, 2022
Image Credit: Warner Bros.

Something strange has been happening in 2022; I’ve stopped writing movie reviews.

Now, that doesn’t mean that I’ve stopped watching movies or haven’t enjoyed the movies I’ve seen; on the contrary, a couple of my absolute all-time favorite movies have come out this year. But for some odd reason, I’ve just not felt the need to write a review for any of them.

Basically, I’ve grown tired of writing about what I liked and what I didn’t; because movies are so subjective, I don’t know how helpful my opinion of a movie really is to the average reader. More often than not, my movie reviews tend to just be me gushing over the latest Marvel flick or whatever. No matter what the movie is, I feel like I end up saying the same thing over again (the cast was great, the visuals were great, the story was great, the music was great) and it just has become monotonous to write them week after week. Really, I prefer to discuss the plot of the movies with friends and speculate on what is to come, which is hard to do in a one-sided review online (maybe my friends and I should start a podcast instead), and the only review I really feel like giving nowadays is providing a list of the flicks I’ve loved and recommending that you give them a shot.

So, here it is: that list. 2022 (the first half-ish), the films I’ve enjoyed, and why. If you’ve been on the fence about any of these, I highly recommend giving them a shot. Enjoy.


Honorable Mention: Spider-Man: No Way Home

Image Credit: Disney

Ok, I’m immediately starting this list with a 2021 movie. Call it a cop-out if you will, but I call it my list, and since Spider-Man: No Way Home came out in the final weeks of December, I constantly keep thinking that it is a 2022 movie. If it were, it would absolutely be in my top three; it is my favorite Spider-Man movie of all time, probably my favorite MCU movie to date (spoilers), and all-around just an amazing film. Everything from the acting to the music (Michael Giacchino has scored several on today’s list) is spectacular, and I find myself falling in love with this movie more and more each…