My iPhone 12 mini Has Developed a Fault

Just when I was all-in, they pulled me back out.

Joshua Beck


A few weeks ago, I wrote about an experience I was having with my new M1 MacBook Air- that story was called “My M1 MacBook Air Has Developed a Fault”.

Long story short (too late), my brand new, state-of-the-art MacBook was warning me that my battery needed servicing. I had to send it back to Apple and get a replacement, and to this day I still do not know if there was actually a problem with the battery itself or if Big Sur was just miscommunicating.

I thought that would be the end of my Apple troubles. After all, Apple products have always been very reliable, at least for me. I’ve never had to take an Apple product in for servicing, I’ve never had to even take one to the Genius Bar to have them tell me what I was doing wrong. Ok, once I had to take a pair of AirPods back because they weren’t connecting properly. But that was one product in the many dozens of Apple devices I’ve ever owned.

When my M1 Mac started exhibiting a problem, I thought it was a fluke. I mean, yeah, the M1 Macs were brand new, there were bound to be some issues. And Apple, to their credit, was exemplary in their handling of the situation. If you read that story, you might feel that I gave Apple Support a little too much praise, but I think it was praise well-earned.

But enough about the MacBook. It was replaced, I’ve got a new one, and so far (fingers crossed) I’ve not had any performance issues or “Service Recommended” messages on the battery or anything else.

I thought I was done.

You know, I’ve spent most of this year deciding which ecosystem I wanted to be in. In years past, I would jump from Apple to Android and back again, always wanting the platform that I didn’t have in my hands at the time. But this year- cemented, I think, when I got the M1- I really decided to go all-in with Apple. I got the computer, the tablet, the phone, the headphones (not the AirPods Max, though), the watch. I got the Apple One subscription. Everything in my technological life suddenly became Apple. And I was happy with that.

Last week, however, my iPhone 12 mini- which happens to be my favorite iPhone out of any iPhones that have ever iPhoned…