My First Impressions of Apple’s M1 MacBook Air

The only laptop I ever needed.

Joshua Beck


I’ve spent most of 2020 looking for a new laptop. I didn’t mean to; what I meant to do was to buy the early 2020 MacBook Air and live with it. But this year has given us a lot of time to sit around and do nothing, and in my spare time, I ended up trying out many different laptops on my quest to find the perfect computer (for me).

Let’s recap, shall we? I started with the aforementioned MacBook Air, then went to the Surface Laptop 3, then back to the Air, and back to the Laptop 3 again. I briefly tried Samsung’s Galaxy Book Flex Alpha (hard pass), and then Google’s Pixelbook Go (I miss you), before settling back on the MacBook Air. But wait, there’s more… I didn’t settle for long, you see, and in the next round, I went back to the Surface Laptop 3 and Pixelbook Go again, threw in two Lenovo laptops for good measure (Yoga C740 and ThinkPad Yoga L13) and a different model of the Laptop 3 before finally coming back around to the MacBook Air again. Whew.

But wait…….. there’s more……. After deciding that the MacBook Air was the computer I needed, I changed route again, trying the iPad Pro with the Magic Keyboard to see if my iPad could be all the computer I needed. And for the most part, it succeeded. But I decided that I still wanted a full-fledged computer hanging around in case I needed full Microsoft Word or something. So I checked out Microsoft’s Surface Pro 7 and new Laptop Go, before finally coming back to the MacBook. It was always meant to be the MacBook.

Now, I don’t think that these months of trying out new computers have been a waste; on the contrary, it taught me a lot about what I do- and don’t- want in a computer. It also allowed me to write a lot about technology, which I discovered I love doing. So even though I’ve ended up with the same laptop I started with (albeit now in the snazzy gold finish instead of Space Gray), I’m not mad that I took this long to decide what the hell I wanted.

And that’s also because what I’ve wanted all along wasn’t out yet. You see, the MacBook that I ended up with at the end of this road wasn’t in existence when I started this journey. And had I not been so indecisive at the start of this year, I’d be stuck with a MacBook Air that wasn’t the Air I wanted…