My Favorite TV Shows from 2023 (So Far)

Joshua Beck
12 min readJul 27, 2023

2023 has been a fantastic year for television. Let’s talk about that.

(spoilers for the following TV shows)

Honorable Mention: Willow

Image Credit: Disney

I talked a lot about Willow in my favorite TV shows from 2022, but I’m giving in another shout-out here since the first season aired its final episodes at the beginning of this year.

Willow seriously was the sleeper hit for me in 2022 and remained one of my absolute favorite shows into 2023 as well. Honestly, we’ve had a lot of exceptional television in the last few years (Rings of Power, Andor, Arcane, just to name a small few) but Willow hit me in a special way. I’m bummed that the show seems to be on an indefinite hold for season 2, but until we get more, I will cherish the eight episodes that are available — it’s still more than most Willow fans ever thought they would get.

Edit: I would have cherished the eight episodes that we got… except Disney has now seen fit to remove Willow from Disney+ altogether with no signs of them being released for purchase or available on another platform. I wrote about this at length in another Medium story (which you can read here), and I did manage to binge the entire season, finishing the last episode mere hours before it was gone for good, but I miss this show terribly and still can’t help feeling that its removal was personal; and judging by the internet reaction, I am definitely not alone. But as Wanda and Vision said on another Disney+ show (you know the one), “We’ve said goodbye before, so it stands to reason that we’ll say hello again.” And I can’t wait until the day I can say hello to Willow again.

That 90’s Show

Image Credit: Netflix

I never really watched That 70’s Show; I’ve seen a handful of episodes and kinda know who the characters are, but it just wasn’t a show that I got into. Maybe it was because I was born in 1988 and the 70’s didn’t interest me that much.

Whatever the reason, I didn’t expect to love That 90’s Show, yet it quickly became my first favorite show of the year.

The Last of Us