My Favorite MagSafe Accessory is a $15 Metal Plate

For anyone who loves a Popsocket but hates sticking them on their phones

MagSafe might just be the iPhone 12’s most underrated feature.

When Apple announced MagSafe for the iPhone, my mind went wild. Sure, I was excited by the MagSafe charger- I’ve never really liked Qi charging pads, as I often am using my phone while it is charging- and I liked the idea of magnetic cases- I hate having to force my phone into a stiff Otterbox case, always feeling that I’m on the verge of snapping it in half- but I was more excited by the possibilities that MagSafe provided.

I imagined a world where the iPhone became more of a modular device. Instead of putting the phone into a bulky battery case, there could be slim, magnetic battery packs that adhered with MagSafe and charged wirelessly. Instead of clipping camera lenses on the phone, there could be a magnetic attachment that sat more flush with the device.

But most of all, I wanted a magnetic Popsocket.

Now, I love Popsockets. I love being able to add a little bit of flash to my phone, especially if I create my own Popsockets using the design features on their website. But most of all, as phones have gotten bigger and bigger, Popsockets became the easiest way for me to make a phablet like the 12 Pro Max still work easily for one-handed use.

But I hate sticking those damn things onto my phone or my case. Doing so always felt permanent. Sure, I could peel off the Popsocket at any time, but then I’d need to find somewhere to put it so that the sticky side didn’t get damaged. Or I could designate one case to be my Popsocket case and use that case whenever I wanted a Popsocket, but I tend to find one case and stick with it; I don’t want to have to swap cases just to add or remove the Popsocket. So as much as I’ve loved them, I usually don’t use them.

That is, until now.

With MagSafe, I can have my cake and eat it too. I found that for $15, Amazon (not a sponsor) would send me a metal plate that works with MagSafe, which is designed for a Popsocket or any other round-based accessory (like one of those ring holders) to adhere to. And let me tell you what… that was $15 well spent.

Now, My Popsocket is there when I need it and gone when I don’t. It works on my bare iPhone, and it works on any MagSafe case as well. It is as simple as slapping it on and sliding it off. This is what I’ve always wanted for my Popsocket, and eliminates the one thing I’ve always hated about Popsockets. And MagSafe finally made it a possibility.

Of course, the various plates available on Amazon are not made by Popsocket (a plethora of different manufacturers sell them), however, the company will have their official version coming out in the near future, which look like they will match whatever pattern you pick for the socket itself (of course, you can swap the socket as you can with any of their products, and hopefully there will be an option to design your own for this accessory as well). And when it comes out, I’ll probably buy it. But until then, well, this little metal plate is kinda world-changing.

Man, I can’t wait to see what they bring to MagSafe next.

I am just clever enough to get myself in trouble…

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