It’s About Time: A Doctor Who- The Woman Who Fell to Earth Review

Joshua Beck
16 min readOct 9, 2018

I’ve been watching Doctor Who for a long time now; it started when I caught a Sci-Fi Channel marathon (back when it was still called “Sci-Fi” and not Syfy) of Christopher Eccleston’s entire series one day back in 2007.

And after I watched him regenerate, I honestly thought that was all I’d need to watch. I wasn’t familiar with the concept of “regeneration,” and I didn’t want to see anyone replace him- how could anyone be as good as Eccleston?

Of course, by the time I watched Eccleston’s run, David Tennant had been playing the role for a couple years. And after a week or two, I caved. I gave Tennant a shot.

And then when Tennant left, I gave Matt Smith a shot, and same for Peter Capaldi when he replaced Smith. Each time a Doctor was departing, I felt that there was no way anyone could follow them up properly, and each time I was mistaken. I know everyone is a Tennant fan- so am I- but Smith and Capaldi easily tied as my favorite Doctors (check out my review of Capaldi’s run here, and a look at how his run as the Doctor was all about remembering here).

So, naturally, when Capaldi announced his retirement from the role, I felt the same apprehension as before. How could anyone replace him? But when Jodie Whittaker was announced as his successor, I felt sure she could handle the role just fine.

Skip forward to yesterday: Whittaker’s first episode. And let this be clear from the start: I think she’s going to be phenomenal as the Doctor. Steven Moffat once said that it usually takes around five episodes to get used to a new Doctor- it didn’t however with Smith and Capaldi for me, I immediately took to both of them, but with Tennant it definitely took a few- and I think, with Jodie Whittaker, it is going to take me a few episodes to get used to her.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, but it has nothing to do with the fact that she’s not a he, though that does…