I’m Upgrading to the iPad mini 6

My favorite iPad’s all grown up.

Joshua Beck


Image by author.

It’s been no secret of mine; I love the iPad mini, and I have for a long time. I’ve loved it since the very beginning. I’ve loved it even as I’ve reviewed newer, faster, better iPads. Even as the iPad mini became more and more outdated, my love for it was undying, unending. It was, in many ways, the perfect iPad for me.

That, of course, didn’t make me oblivious to the elephant in the room: the iPad mini was getting left behind. Having been updated in March of 2019, it became more and more obsolete with every new Apple keynote. Apple, seemingly, had forgotten the iPad mini, or at least didn’t care about it any longer.

But last month, Apple introduced the iPad mini 6. Oh boy.

Image by author.

Everything about the iPad mini has changed. Where once the tablet seemed to cling to the designs of yesteryear, it now looks as modern as the latest and most powerful iPads, if only in miniature. Where once it was powered by a 3-year-old processor, it now runs on one of the fastest chips Apple has ever made. It is, in every single way, an improvement, possibly the biggest improvement Apple has ever introduced from one generation of an iPad model to the next.

(It can’t be that good, can it?)

It isn’t perfect, but it is damn near so. Gone are the thick bezels and the home button, replaced with a wider screen, thin, uniform bezels around the edges, and a Touch ID sensor in the power button.

(But I do miss the home button, as its place on the front felt more natural to use than the one hidden in the power button. And while the thinner bezels look more modern, the thicker ones did make it easier to hold the iPad in one hand)

Gone also are the curved edges, replaced with the same flat, squared-off design that the iPads Pro and Air feature. Sleek, modern, and beautiful.

(But I also found the curved edges to be a little more comfortable to hold for long periods of time)

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