Having Texting Issues After Switching from Android to iPhone? Here’s a Possible Fix

We’ve heard of disabling iMessage before switching to Android. Did you know the reverse is also true?

Joshua Beck


I recently switched back to Android from my iPhone 12 mini, and for good reason: I was having trouble sending and receiving text messages with people using Android devices.

The issue was this: I could not send any type of MMS from my iPhone to someone with an Android phone. Granted, I realized that most of my contacts are currently rocking iPhones just like me, but there were a few glaring omissions: my mom, my grandmother, and my uncle. That meant I couldn’t send new photos of my wife and me to my mom, I couldn’t send silly videos of my cat to my grandmother, and when Paramount released a plethora of trailers for new Star Trek shows (Q!!!), I was forced to send a boring text to my uncle rather than sending him the links to the awesome footage. And group text conversations with them were out the window.

At first, I thought the issue was with my carrier. I contacted them (Cricket at the time) and they said the issue was the size of the pictures I was trying to send (they said I couldn’t send files bigger than 1Mb), and I called bullshit on this because A) I’ve never had a problem sending a larger picture through MMS before, and B) it wouldn’t even send tiny GIF files. Then, they said they were going through some troubleshooting steps on their end, but I never heard back from them, and the problem persisted.

Initially, this was just a nuisance, and one that I was able to work around easily enough; I shared photos with my mom in Google Photos, for example, and I figured my uncle has the means to look up the trailers on YouTube for himself. And then, I eventually switched carriers, and figured my problem would go away when I did so; I also switched from the 12 mini to the 12 Pro Max at the same time (talk about a shock to the system). New carrier, new device, problem solved, right?


Image Credit: Sony