Go-ing in For a Second Opinion: A Second Look at the Pixelbook Go, Surface Laptop Go, and Surface Go (2)

Three Computers, three new takes.

Joshua Beck


Surface Laptop Go; Image by Author

I spent a considerable portion of 2020 looking for a new computer. I went back and forth… and back… and forth… … and back and forth again before I finally settled down with the M1 MacBook Air. And I haven’t looked back since.

Ok, that last sentence right there might be a bit of an exaggeration; I haven’t looked back for a while. You can read all about my backs and forths if you go through my Medium catalog (many are titled “Battle Royale with Cheese”); today, however, I want to talk about the one(s) that got away.

And it is simply a coincidence that all three of them have the word “Go” in their names.

Surface Go 2

Surface Go 2; Image by Author

Why I Stopped Using It

Of all of the computers on this list, the Surface Go 2 is probably the one that I gave the least amount of attention to when I first picked it up. I mean, I got it when I was testing out the Laptop 3 as a sort of companion for it, thinking I’d use it in the same way that I use the iPad with the MacBook. That didn’t really happen, and though I loved using the Go 2, I found that often it was too slow for me; of course, I’d originally opted for the cheapest Go 2, which meant it came with an abysmally underpowered Intel Pentium Gold processor and a stifling 4gb ram.

And that was a huge mistake; it would lag constantly even just doing the simplest things- like opening one web page in Edge or a Word document- and even though Microsoft included the Windows Hello facial recognition camera it never, ever seemed to work- it was literally faster to type in a PIN or password than to wait for the camera to look for me for a minute and then tell me either the camera couldn’t find me or couldn’t turn on. Honestly, the Go 2 felt useless most of the time and frustrating all of the time.

Safe to say, I never ended up using the Go 2 unless I had no other choice; it filled in while I had to send my MacBook in for…