Doctor Who is No Longer the Show I Loved

But it isn’t Jodie Whittaker’s fault.

Joshua Beck


The Doctor is stuck in purgatory.

Sitting here watching the latest Doctor Who episode, “Orphan 55” I came to an unwelcome realization: Doctor Who isn’t the same show I fell in love with.

Doctor Who used to be the show that I looked forward to more than any other show all year. As soon as a season ended, I’d anticipate the Christmas special, and as soon as the credits rolled on Christmas day, I’d be on the internet trying to find out when the next season began.

Today, watching “Orphan 55,” I realized I enjoyed watching Netflix’s Lost in Space reboot more than this episode. Hell, I’ve enjoyed rewatching the entirely campy Stargate Atlantis on Amazon more than I’m enjoying this season of Who (or the last season, for that matter). Watching Doctor Who has become, for me, a chore- a necessity, because I’ve been a fan this long, but no longer something I am looking forward to.

It’s not the fault of the current Doctor; Jodie Whittaker is fantastic in the role, and I cannot stress that enough. It would be too easy for someone to turn complaints about her seasons into perceived sexism. But honestly, Jodie is the only reason I am still watching at all; even amidst bland writing, Jodie shines with an energy that is entirely befitting of the Doctor. If the 13th Doctor had been a…