Carry On: A Supernatural Series Finale Review

It’s been a long road.

Joshua Beck
11 min readNov 23, 2020


Time for one last piece of pie.

Supernatural has finally come to an end. And I don’t know how I feel about that.

(Spoilers ahead)

I started watching Supernatural in 2008, when it was airing season 4; my uncle told me that he found a hilarious fantasy horror show and let me borrow the dvd set for season 1. Within a week, I was asking him if he had any more seasons. Safe to say, I was caught up before season 4 finished airing.

Now, I’ve never really been a big fan of horror movies. I frankly don’t like getting scared, and so for the most part I avoid the genre. And while Supernatural definitely had some scares (especially in those first seasons), that wasn’t what I kept returning for every week. I found the characters of Sam and Dean Winchester compelling and entertaining. Before I got season 1 from my uncle, he told me to watch the episode Mystery Spot to get a feel for how hilarious the show could be (it turned out to be the second episode I would watch, since iTunes accidentally gave me Jus In Bello instead- I spent that whole episode waiting for Dean to start dying over and over again, as my uncle has spoiled). And from just that episode (well, those episodes), I was hooked.

My uncle, Misha Collins, and myself.

Sam and Dean’s story, leading up into the Biblical apolcalyse, was more than entertaining. It was compelling. It was fresh. And Sam and Dean were characters worth following week to week. Even after the fifth season- which was originally supposed to be the ending- the show proved to be able to continue delivering great stories and characters. And I stuck with them through thick and very thin.

Sidebar: Having run for fifteen long seasons, the quality of the show has ebbed and flowed at times. Season 5, to me, remains one of the highest points, while season 6 is definitely the lowest (despite a few amazing episodes like Weekend At Bobby’s). But not matter where the story went, I never gave up on the boys. As long as Jensen and Jared came back to play Sam and Dean again, I was there to watch it.