Bear McCreary’s Rings of Power Soundtrack is Breathtaking

And I haven’t even seen this show yet.

Joshua Beck


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(Note: follow the plethora of links in this story to hear some of the amazing tracks I’m talking about on YouTube)

I listen to a lot of soundtracks. In fact, movie/TV show soundtracks is my favorite genre of music. It has been probably ever since I got the soundtrack to Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and fell in love with John Williams’ work (of course I’d heard him before in Star Wars, Superman, and Indiana Jones, but it wasn’t until Potter that I really began paying attention to the music). When I was a kid, almost all of the music I listened to were the instrumental pieces of artistry that composers like Williams and Danny Elfman and Howard Shore wrote for the movies that I loved.

And over the years, there have absolutely been soundtracks that I’ve listened to repeatedly; I played Williams’ “Window to the Past” constantly while reading books, so much so that for a while I associated the track with Cornelia Funke’s Inkheart book more than I did with the Harry Potter movie it was written for. I listened to Star Wars, Star Trek, and Pirates of the Caribbean so often that I could play them on piano without ever once needing the sheet music. And I memorized both the soundtracks and their accompanying movies so well that just hearing a few notes would tell me which scene I was listening to; it was as though I could relive the movies I loved just by hearing the score.

But it isn’t often that I get to listen to a soundtrack for a movie or television show that I haven’t already seen. Not that I wouldn’t try to; before streaming music became a thing, I would scour the internet to hear a track or two from the movies that I was anticipating. Even just the fifteen-second preview clips that would sometimes be available on websites selling the CDs were preferable to not hearing anything until the movie came out (and I distinctly remember burning those short clips for the latest Potter score onto a CD so that I could listen to those snippets as often as I wanted). But more often than not, soundtracks don’t get released until the week the movie or TV show comes out (and in the case of many TV shows, not until the current season is over or well after that… I’m still waiting on my soundtrack for…