Battle Royale (with Cheese): The iPad Magic Keyboard (White) Vs The iPad Magic Keyboard (Dark Gray)

How much difference does a color change make?

Joshua Beck
8 min readOct 15, 2021


Image by Author.

I have a love/hate relationship with the Magic Keyboard case for the iPad Air/Pro. It’s an excellent typing experience — in fact, it is the absolute best typing experience you can get for the iPad — and yet it gets so grimy and dusty that I hate using it. I haven’t been shy about this; I wrote about my love (and hate) for the keyboard just a couple of months back.

But despite my hatred of how dirty the Magic Keyboard gets, it’s an essential part of my iPad use; I’ve tried other keyboards, like the Smart Keyboard Folio or Logitech’s Combo Touch keyboard, but nothing compares to how good the Magic Keyboard works, from the magnets “magically” floating the iPad in midair to the keys and trackpad itself.

When the M1 iPad Pro came out, Apple released a new model of Magic Keyboard; granted, the only thing that seemed to change was the color of the keyboard itself — it’s now white instead of dark gray. And at first, I wasn’t interested at all; I’d love more color options, but white? Seriously? Why couldn’t we get Magic Keyboards in all the fun colors that the Smart Folio covers for the Air and Pro come in? At least something more exciting than dark gray and white…

But then I started thinking; I have a similar problem with the amount of dust that clings to the black keys of my MacBook’s Magic keyboard. It’s enough that it irks me sometimes and makes me want to use something else to do my writing. But all of those dust particles… are white — or at least they are light in color. Maybe — just maybe — using the white Magic Keyboard for the iPad would eliminate some of the issues I’ve had with the dark gray model; sure, it will still collect dust just as frequently, but maybe it won’t show it nearly as much.

Of course, white could also be much harder to keep clean. That said, the back of my dark gray Magic Keyboard already shows…