Battle Royale (with Cheese): Lenovo Yoga c740 Vs Google Pixelbook Go Vs MacBook Air

Just when I thought I was out… they pulled me back in… to Best Buy.

Joshua Beck
27 min readJun 29, 2020


I thought I was done.

I picked up a Chromebook- an excellent Chromebook- and I was done. I was happy.

Except… After I wrote about how I didn’t need a high end computer, or even a computer with a robust operating system like macOS or Windows 10, I began to realize something. On most days, I didn’t need more than a web browser. But on some days, I wanted more.

So, I kept looking. I actually switched back to the 2020 MacBook Air; it made the most sense, given my many Apple gadgets. It wasn’t the best of what I reviewed, but it worked the best for me. I could put up with my few minor grips. And again, I thought I was done.

But then… my fiancé wanted a new computer. All throughout my exploration of what I wanted, she sat there with her cheap HP Chromebook and was content, until one day she too found herself running into the roadblocks of ChromeOS. Her only gateway into something different was her old Acer Switch 10 and a much older (read: prehistoric) Dell laptop. It was time to upgrade her.

And after searching online, she’d settled on the Lenovo Yoga C740, because it was within her budget and looked decent. I spent literal months looking at computers; she spent two hours. There might be a lesson in there, though, because her laptop arrived today, and after setting it up for her, well… I had some feelings.

And those feelings are about to get written down for you to read. Because today, we aren’t comparing two laptops. We’re comparing three. I promised to pit the Pixelbook Go up against something, but since I came back to the Mac, I feel that deserves a second chance in the ring as well. So let’s get it on.



Why must we always start with the price? It’s such a boring topic to cover. There’s no pizzazz. There’s no excitement. It’s like getting the check before you finished your meal (you remember, back when we ate meals in restaurants).