I am just clever enough to get into trouble…

My journey through a glass door… and beyond.

image (and pain) by author.

Last Friday night didn’t go as planned. And that’s putting it mildly.

When I got off work, I planned to relax for a little bit before going to bed; after all, we had to get up early Saturday morning to drive to Virginia for Thanksgiving festivities with my family.


And it may have been my fault.

Image by Author.

In just a short time, my iPad mini 6 has become my absolute favorite iPad ever; it is just powerful enough to do everything I would ever dream of doing on an iPad and it is just small enough that I can take it anywhere without feeling burdened.

It was…

Ok, hear me out.

Lately, I’ve been reading a lot. And while I still prefer real books, I’ve actually been doing most of my reading on an e-reader.

Now, I’ve got an iPhone and an iPad, both of which can display ebooks from a number of apps, but my e-Reader…

I could live in these shows.

I’ve heard that we rewatch tv shows to cure anxiety. And you know what? I totally believe it; during the last two years alone, I’ve rewatched at least six complete series, and a large portion of several other shows (and that’s not even including the many, many movies I’ve revisited)…

My favorite iPad’s all grown up.

Image by author.

It’s been no secret of mine; I love the iPad mini, and I have for a long time. I’ve loved it since the very beginning. I’ve loved it even as I’ve reviewed newer, faster, better iPads. Even as the iPad mini became more and more outdated, my love for it…

Joshua Beck

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