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I am just clever enough to get myself in trouble…

Do you get what you pay for?

When reviewers got their hands on AirPods Max, a lot of them did the exact same thing: they compared them to the “standard”, the headphones that people were already spending hundreds of dollars on. Sony’s XM4’s, for example. Most of them were asking the same questions, too: which sounded better? Or, more aptly, were the AirPods Max worth their high price tag?

That’s not what I’m doing here today. Not at all. I mean… what more could I possibly add to that conversation?

No, today I’ve decided to compare the AirPods Max to two of the cheapest over-ear headphones I’ve…

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Curse of the Blue Apple.

The other night, I sat down to watch Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl- as one does- and I noticed something odd. When Barbossa offered Elizabeth Swann an apple, it looked blue.

Now, I knew this was wrong for a number of reasons. Firstly, I remembered that the apple had been green originally- and I had memorized this movie, having seen it eight times in theaters and countless times on DVD and Blu-Ray. Secondly, I knew that blue apples didn’t exist… at least, not back in the 1700s. …

As I sit here uploading every spare photo I can find to Google’s photo storage platform before June 1st, I thought it might be a good reminder to everyone else to do the same.

I take a lot of photos.

I mean… a lot. According to Google Photos, I have over 121,000 images stored in their servers. Most- if not all- are stored completely free of charge, as for a long time I’ve utilized Google’s free “High Quality” storage option, regardless of whether my photos were being snapped on an Android device or an iPhone (or even a real camera… remember those?).

As we all know, that beautiful free storage option is going away in just a couple of short weeks. And that’s a huge bummer.

Since this news broke, I’ve considered moving my…

Maximum effort?

AirPods Max Ear Cushions close up.
AirPods Max Ear Cushions close up.

I’ve said it over and over again: I had no plans to buy AirPods Max. I had absolutely no interest in them.

Okay, that last part was incorrect; I had no interest in paying $549 for them. Sheesh.

But I was definitely interested in them. I figured I’d be waiting for Apple to make a cheaper version of the AirPods Max, maybe an SE version or something. Considering that, I didn’t expect to have any version of the AirPods Max in my hands so soon after their release. But here I am, wearing AirPods Max on my noggin right now.

Is this Apple’s best device?

I rarely use the Find My app on my Apple devices; put simply, I do not lose my shit. At least, not my electronics. At all times, I know exactly where my iPhone, iPad, and MacBook are. My AirPods stay in my computer back when they aren’t in use. My Apple Watch lives on my wrist or on the charger next to my bed. I do not lose my shit.

Because of that fact, I’ve only ever opened the Find My app to see how it worked. Anytime I’ve ever opened it, it always says the same thing: all my…

I just went through a similar realization with my own Apple Watch. I had the Series 6 and switched to my Series 3 for a few days, realizing that I did not miss any of the upgrades the Series 6 brought to the table. And when I wasn't wearing either, I didn't miss any of the other features that I thought I "depended" on.

Now, I primarily wear my Apple Watch to bed (for the silent alarms in the morning) and when doing yardwork or other strenuous activity (more to keep an eye on my heart rate rather than to…

It sounds like blasphemy to even suggest that the Harry Potter movies get remade… but let’s face it: it’s inevitable.

Like Thanos coming to bring the beat down to the Avengers, the idea that one day Warner Bros. will remake the Harry Potter movies is inevitable. I mean, come on… this is Harry Potter we are talking about, one of the most successful franchises in history. Surely, Warner Bros. will one day realize they can make even more money by making these movies again.

And when that happens, I have a few requests.

I’m not saying that the original eight movies weren’t amazing; they are absolutely some of my very favorite movies and I will cherish them until the day…

Has it become my least favorite Apple device?

I have always loved watches.

That’s not an exaggeration; as a kid, you could find me in the watch section of Wal-Mart as often as you could find me in the toy section. I’ve got cabinets full of cheap, dead watches that I don’t wear but I’ve stopped short of throwing out. I’m not sure why I’ve always been fascinated by timepieces, and it has for a long time been true that more often than not, you can find me not wearing any watch at all, but none of that ever stopped me from buying a new wristwatch.

Now, I’m…

The Deal is the Deal. And Netflix’s show is definitely the real deal.

I’ll preface this review with a simple fact: I’ve never read a single book in the GrishaVerse. I’ve seen Six of Crows and Shadow and Bone at the bookstore enough times to have been familiar with the covers, but I had absolutely no knowledge of what kind of story was within the pages.

And when Netflix dropped the first trailer for Shadow and Bone, I admit that I was intrigued, but I wasn’t exactly sold. I’ve been a little leery of Netflix’s fantasy offerings, as I’ve found they can be very hit (Witcher) or miss (Cursed… ok, I didn’t hate…

We’ve heard of disabling iMessage before switching to Android. Did you know the reverse is also true?

I recently switched back to Android from my iPhone 12 mini, and for good reason: I was having trouble sending and receiving text messages with people using Android devices.

The issue was this: I could not send any type of MMS from my iPhone to someone with an Android phone. Granted, I realized that most of my contacts are currently rocking iPhones just like me, but there were a few glaring omissions: my mom, my grandmother, and my uncle. That meant I couldn’t send new photos of my wife and me to my mom, I couldn’t send silly videos of…

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