950 Years: Where No Star Trek has Gone Before

Time. The final frontier.

Joshua Beck
7 min readApr 23, 2019


RED ALERT: Spoilers for Discovery season two to incoming.

950 years is a lot of time to think about. I mean, 950 years ago, the Byzantine empire was around and kicking. Who knows what we will be doing 950 years from now?

But when it comes to a science fiction franchise, 950 years into the future is common-place; the bulk of Star Trek already takes place around 300 years in our future. But when the current iteration of the franchise returns to our screens, it will have jumped from year 2257 all the way to somewhere around year 3200. 950 years is one hell of a time jump for any franchise. And it is somewhere that this franchise has not yet gone before.

For reference: the future scenes of Star Trek: The Next Generation’s most future-reaching episode- “All Good Things”- take place in 2395. Star Trek: Voyager’s finale, “Endgame,” takes place (in part) in 2404.

Discovery’s third season will take place roughly 325 years after the Federation Timeship Relativity helped Voyager thwart Captain Braxton. It will take place roughly 150 years beyond the furthest reaches of Star Trek: Enterprise’s Temporal Cold War.

This is the new frontier for Star Trek. The possibilities are, frankly, endless.

Time Travelers

Before we really think about what our intrepid crew will be getting up to, we have to ask ourselves who went to the future in the first place?

Obviously, Michael Burnham was leading the charge into the future, as she guided her ship through the wormhole in her specially-designed suit. And in command of Discovery is, of course, Saru (but will he be the captain in season three?). The bridge crew all signed on to join Burnham in the new frontier- including Detmer, Owosekum, Rhys, Bryce, and Nilsson (who originally played Airium in season one). And Michael couldn’t really go anywhere without Tilly tagging along- and we’d all probably stop watching if Tilly was no longer a main character.



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